Can I make my dreams predict the future when I want it to?

Can I make my dreams predict the future when I want it to?

I have had 3 dreams in the past that predicted a future event, usually warning me. I always take heed to the warnings. . I was just wondering if there is any way I can direct my dreams to tell me of the future?

Answer by littleroom
Yes, you’re a goddess who can tell the future. Use your dreams and guide yourself into a perfect life while the rest of us mortals must work to make a living.

Answer by boomurdead23
jeez…umm….well is there anything special you did before you had the other past dreams? like take a sleeping pill? cuz if you wanna make any kind of dream more “powerful” i would suggest a sleeping pill, but if that dosnt work, go get some incense and….i dunno… incense stuff with it…

Answer by WhO’s Ya MaMa?!
Sometimes…I have dreams like that all the time, but I use a stone called bloodstone under my pillow at night and I can remember all my dreams and they are true! I saw my grandfather get really sick laying in the hospital and then I kept having dreams about clocks and running out of time. I called my grandpa and asked if he was ok, and he said he was fine, but 3 weeks later he was really sick. I was living in Mass. He was in Fla. I had to fly down and see him but the moment I got there, he was passing. So I really think they can but you have to know how to use your mind with out thinking of it. Sounds really weird but true!

predict my future

Can you predict your future breast size?

I’m 13 and I am a 32 B right now. My mom is a 34 C or D. Is there any way to predict your future breast size?

Answer by beinggirl experts
Breast growth continues until you are about 18 so you have years before you are developing.

The size and shape of your breasts depend mostly on the amount of fatty tissue they have. The more fat in the breast, the larger the breast will look. The major factor in the size of your breasts is heredity. (You can inherit from both sides of your family–don’t just look at your mom). Weight or height has less to do with it. is a page you should check out.

Good luck, Your BEINGgirl Experts

Answer by Liv
You can’t predict it exactly but you will probably be a similar size to your mum x

Answer by Sallycat <3
Yepp! You’ll usually be your moms size or if you have sister, her size.

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