can psychic really predict the future?

can psychic really predict the future?

so my friend went to psychic and the psychic told him (some thing i don’t want to talk about cause it wired and really awkward) so any ways it happened. so it there a scientific explanation how they predict or is it just coincidence…….
i am just curious

thanks for answering :))

Answer by joe
No, they cant. Your friend got ripped off.

Answer by Taylar Starr
Hell No! Well atleast the one I met, That b*tch didn’t even know my age or my zodiac sign wtf!!???!?

Do psychics really exist?

Is there such thing as real psychics, can they really predict the future?

Answer by Tim M
There are those who believe and those who do not believe in psychic abilities and those with whom are able to utilize these abilities. I personally believe that these abilities are real and believe that psychics do exist. I have had instances with occurrences which I could not explain, and still cannot. Many individuals have experiences with these inner abilities all the time. They are natural and can be developed. I do not believe though that everyone who claims to be psychic is and I do believe that there are individuals out there who say they are just to make a buck and tell you what you want to hear. Genuine psychics usually do not charge for or advertise their abilities but offer their “gifts” for free. I do also feel that the ability of prediction is possible. I have done some research and come across some very compelling predictions that have come true. Some of those who have made such predictions were not 100 % but some did indeed have some of their predictions come to pass. This world is full of mysteries and psychic abilities is one of them.

Answer by Raider
Yes, there are real psychics. However, most who present themselves to the public as being psychic are not, as they are doing this for the money they can con out of people.

What most people think of as a psychic is really only one form of psychic: a clairvoyant (see link). I really don’t like the term psychic, and rarely use it, as there are so many misconceptions about the word. A psychic is anyone with intuitive abilities who can use those abilities to help someone else with a problem by offering insight gained with intuition that would not otherwise be available to the person seeking help. This can be done in many forms, using many methods and many tools (see link).


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