Guessing/Predicting future events?

ways of predicting the future

Guessing/Predicting future events?

Okay I’m perfectly aware that these could have all been coincidences, I’m not someone who thinks they’re all special and physic, but anyways
On occasion I can guess/predict things that are going to happen. like once a few weeks ago my little brother and I were playing mario party for the wii and it was Birdo’s turn and she was using one of those things that gives you three dice and my brother said I hope she gets a 1 1 1 and I said no, she’s going to get 666 probably, and then she actually got a 666[what are the chances!!].. I told my mom and she said I was creepy, haha.
also I guessed a few other dice rolls and got them all right.
And once me and my friend were talking on msn and we were playing a game where we couldn’t say.. I mean type the letter “s” and we were talking and stuff then I looked at the bottom of the conversation and it said she was typing a message at one point, and I got a strong feeling she was going to lose so I typed “I win!” and I pushed enter and as soon as I pushed enter she sent her message a millisecond after I did and in her message there was an “s”, so I actually did win.

and sometimes when I’m watching t.v and there’s an episode I’ve never seen before I can guess what the people/characters are going to say next or what’s going to happen in the show, but that might just be coincidence or predictable shows idk.

there’s a few other things too but i’m not going to rant on soo.. yeah.

again I’m not trying to make out that I’m special, these could have been coincidences but I wanted to know what you guys think..

oh and by the way i had no idea what category to put this in soo sorry if it’s the wrong one xD

kay thanks (:

Answer by greeneyes
I think it is something that happens to many people. I would rule that it is more coincidence than anything. I too experience things like this. Like knowing that someone is about to call me, and then five seconds later, my phone is ringing from them. It’s called intuition. You just have a hunch about something, and can frequently be right, as the universe can be quite predictable.

This is not to say that perhaps it happens to you far more often than others, and might have a gift! But like I said, I’ve experienced this several times before.

Answer by ±he >^
so All’s Well That Ends Well

Answer by <3<3 fish <3<3
ok then i’m going to guess that these are most likely coincidences but only because i do this stuff all the time so it’s not such a shock… you might be psychic, sit there with a dice and try guessing what you’re going to roll before each one. then if you can do that try guess three ahead. if you can you’re most likely psychic

GOOD LUCK! xox <3

ways of predicting the future

The Moon will be a source of energy in the future. In which way?

Some energy experts predict that by the end of this century our energy problem will be solved through Helium 3 from the Moon. Many experts say that much earlier than that the Moon will provide another source of energy. What is it?
Thank you.
It is not the gravitational force and tidal waves. It is some mineral or material or element (apart from helium3 or hydrogen or pyritium or deuterium or tritium).

Answer by Ashley G
Um I guess since the moon is reflecting sunlight, they could concentrate moonlight to provide solar energy during night time. But I don’t know if they would actually be able to do that.

Answer by The Captain
gravitational…. read about it before, somehow harnessing the slight gravitational pull of the moon to generate energy


Just don’t accept this:

Excerpt for BBC Radio 4 All in the Mind 16th June 2011 on experts and prediction accuracy.

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predicting events with the moon;people who predict future events;i can guess your future;


  1. psjdiver27 says

    all i`ve read anything about was mining h3 on the moons surface.They think if they can get a shuttle load back to earth it could power the usa for a year. At the current rate i doubt we will see power from h3 from the moon in our life times.

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  2. Crimmy says

    It is FALSE DOCTRINE Jesus warned us about the End Days Signs in the Heavens and on earth this is what you are a witness to..

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  3. tom says

    lol well the shows I would say are just predictable, I can guess song lyrics even if i’ve never heard the song before just because they are so predictable XD

    as for the dice and stuff i dont believe in psychics so I would have to guess that it was your subconscious mixed with blind a$ $ luck lol

    as for your friend with the you win, you probably know her well and you subconsciously knew that she generally caves after a certain point, your subconscious told your conscious that the point had been crossed and you got that feeling of “knowing” or intuition, whatever you wanna call it.

    also it could have been a self fullfilling prophecy, like you said I win so she subconsciously had to make it come true thus her hitting the s, but that would only be likely if the s was at the end of what she typed since it was such a quick response.

    I think you are the type of person that would enjoy lol I definately reccomend that site for you

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