How to use numerology to predict the future?

how to predict the future

How to use numerology to predict the future?

I want to see if a specific day is going to be positive because i have a meeting.

You count your birthday to find you birth path
Then you count the birth path of the day you are looking (ex the meeting day)
Then what you do?

I’m really interested to learn
thank you

Answer by Cletus
Try using it to invest your money and see how well that works out for you.

how to predict the future

How can we predict the future success of Capitalism?

Warren Buffett often talks about how the standard of living of people living in a capitalist system has increased many folds and outpaced any other systems in the recent century.

He is betting on this premise and repeated success to make long term investments.

I have read Schumpeter and now reading Adam Smith in order to obtain more insight in this matter but they don’t even truly tackle this matter as directly as Buffett.

Which economist, author or philosoph has made the most impacting reflections on this matter recently?

Are these authors supplying sufficient evidence that our system is still superior in these respects?

Answer by Dave87gn
capitalism has failed and it has been replaced with corrupt capitalism where the game is FIXED

in capitalism there arent NO BID contracts and there isnt Gambling with no risk like the banks did- privatize profits- socialize losses

Answer by SDD
Capitalism is what happens when you allow individual freedom. I wish that we had true economic freedom and the capitalism that would result from it. Unfortunately what we have is something that, while labeled capitalism, is far from it. So if you’re asking how we would know that whatever that thing is will do well in the future, the answer is we don’t. Would you make long term bets knowing that the government could at any time step in and change all the rules?

Answer by socialistpb
You can only predict the ‘success’ of capitalism by ignoring the way it condemns many people to death in its wars, destroys the environment, and leads to widespread poverty and homelessness.

how to predict the future
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  1. Reuben Goldstein says

    There is a lot of evidence that would suggest that the assertions here are quite wrong.

    Number 1: Warren Buffett’s assertion is far too general and doesn’t paint an accurate picture. For example London is the 4th richest City in Europe. It also boasts the highest levels of child poverty in Europe. Some 40% of London’s children are living below the Poverty line. So Warren Buffett’s assertion is far to sweeping and general. Even if livng standards have risen in some countries happiness levels have not, that is reflected in the fact that countries in the Western World are suffering astronomicaly hight depression rates.

    Number 2: Fierce Capitalism has got the World into the mess it is currently in. A financial crisis caused by fiercely greedy practices, a situation in the World where a far too small amount of people have far too much of the Worlds Wealth, (The Worlds richest 500 Billionaires have more Wealth than the Worlds poorest 520 million people.) It is obvious to anyone that this kind of poverty has consequences for us all. (More on that point later.)

    I’m not sure which people are re-asserting that capitalism is still the best policy but there are plenty of people who aren’t simply based on the fact that the evidence is pointing to the contrary. It’s easy to assert, as in Buffett’s case, that Capitalism is still a great idea when he has become ultra rich from it but many others have been completely ruined by it.

    Consider the following links. I am sure you will find them thought provoking:

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