Q&A: Does Astrology predict future in true sense and How?

Does Astrology predict future in true sense and How?

Answer by Ghaleon
Astrology is the study by which people presume to divine hidden information from the positions of the celestial bodies.

There is no empirical evidence which suggests that astrology is successful in this. It is regarded as a pseudo-science by the vast majority of the scientific community.

So, no. Astrology does not predict the future in any meaningful sense of the word.

Answer by ge2
no in reality..it’s not…it’s just a guide to our future…but it depends on us if we believe, no one can judge…..no one can say it’s true and no one can say it’s false….as long as we are guided with the right path our religion has shown us….Astrology doesnt make any sense in reality…for me ha!…

sometimes we are just relating this prediction to the past that has happened to us, or we are just dreaming to undergo thru this situation/prediction…

as i can remember the poem related to this…if u know,entitled INVICTUS…this line is expressed”.i am the president of myself ….i am the captain of my soul”…….and i cant’ remember what ‘ s next…..but the sense of this line is too meaningful for us as persons…..our fate is not by chance and really not a prediction of the ancient astrologers…and no one can predict what will happen next…

Answer by Kelly R
I don’t think that Astrology can predict the future. I look to astrology as a guide on temperament. The moment in time you were born and the place you were born has significant meaning in your temperament. IE: Say you were a Virgo and in your life you are neat and tidy (like most Virgo’s are). And say both your parents were not. That just tells you that you picked it up from some where..But where? If you read astrology you would already know that Virgo’s have that same temperament. That is what I think anyway. Hope it helps!

would anyone predict my future by astrology or psychic free of charge?

i want someone predict my future specially will i change my job in the near future. my details are as follows

name : rajbir singh,
DOB : 16 jan 1960
born at mumbai, india

Answer by NorthWest
Okay. I will now predict your future… You will…stop…believing…in…dumb stuff…

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  1. Janet says

    don’t have much time but here goes: Yes, Astrology can predict future to a certain degree. The natal chart is how the stars are configured at birth – it is the blueprint of a person’s life. The progressed chart shows how the stars are configured at a certain period of time, and the transiting planets through the progressed configurations determine the nature of the event. Specifically, you cannot say what the event will be or how the native will react – that is the wonderful, free-will part of Astrology. So, in summary, it can predict the future, in general.

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  2. slow genius says

    astrology describes our potential, not our fate. it is a system, not a concrete “object” or “device”. this is why “scientist” of other studies say that astrology is not a science. it cannot be “physically studied” in that sense. but i’m not gonna get into that because it’s a never-ending tug-of-war.

    so as i said, astrology does not “say” this or that will happen, but rather that this or that has the potential to happen. it is likely, based on your chart, you will do this. however, astrology teaches us to “keep the good, change the bad” and so if something “bad” comes up, we may or may not “do” it depending on if we’ve “overcome” that area of our chart involved or not.

    for the record, here are two definitions of the word “science”. one is from Oxford’s Dictionary and the other is from Webster’s New World College Dictionary.

    science—a branch of knowledge conducted on objective principles involving the systematized observation of and experimentation with phenomena, especially concerned with the material and functions of the physical universe

    science—systematized knowlegde derived from observation, study, and experimentation carried on in order to determine the nature or principles of what is being studied

    i will leave it up to you to decide if astrology is a science or not.

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